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Boy Scout Troop 169
(Nashville, Tennessee)
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Field/Class A Uniform

Mission Statement per BSA Scout Training:

The Uniform makes the Scout Troop visible as a force of good, creates a positive youth image in the community and gives boys a sense of belonging.

A complete Official Scout Field Uniform (formerly Class A), including official BSA pants or shorts, is expected to be worn at:

- Scoutmaster Conferences for ranks of Star and above
- Boards of Review for the ranks of Star and above
- OA Functions
- Eagle Board of Reviews
- All Award Ceremonies and Dress Events
> Court of Honor
> District Dinners
> Scout Sunday
> Official Webelos visits
- Other events at the Scoutmaster's discretion

For Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review for ranks up to and including First Class, the minimal scout uniform accepted is the official Field Uniform Scout shirt, neckerchief, and the merit badge sash if the scout has been awarded merit badges.  However, Scouts are strongly encouraged to wear the complete Official Scout Uniform if they own it.

Boys will be expected to own a complete Official Scout Field Uniform, including official Boy Scout pants or shorts, upon earning the rank of First Class.

Complete Official Scout Field Uniform/Class A is as follows:
1.  Official BSA Field Uniform shirt with:
- Green shoulder loops
- World Crest (centered above left pocket about 2" or more)
- Left Pocket patches:
> Badge of Rank
> Arrow of Light, if earned (centered just below left pocket)
- Right Pocket patches:
> Order of the Arrow District Patch (if earned)
> BSA Temporary Hanging badges (if earned)
- Left Sleeve patches:
> MTC council strip (buy with shirt)
> Troop 169 numbers (buy with shirt)
> Leadership position (if applicable)
> Trained emblem (if earned)
- Right Sleeve patches:
> American Flag (buy with shirt)
> Patrol patch (provided by the Troop)
> Quality Unit for current year (if earned by Troop)
2.  Official BSA shorts or pants
3.  Belt (preferably a BSA Scout web or leather belt with scout buckle)
4.  Troop Neckerchief and slide (provided by the Troop)
5.  Merit Badge Sash (worn from right shoulder for certain occasions)

On the last Friday of each month, we have a Troop Meeting Patrol Inspection.  Full Class A uniforms are necessary.