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Merit Badge Workbooks

Merit Badges Currently Being Offered By BSA:

The BSA merit badge program includes over 120 different areas of knowledge and skills. As soon as a scout joins a troop, he can start earning merit badges. The only limitations are his ambition and availability of adult merit badge counselors.

Merit Badge Pamphlets: Each BSA merit badge has an official pamphlet which contains requirements, introductory information and supplemental references. Scouts can purchase pamphlets from a scout shop or find them in their troop library. Pamphlets are updated every few years, so be sure to get the most recent copy.
Merit Badge Counselors: Volunteers are selected, trained, and approved by council or district committees to teach scouts about specific merit badges. They are knowledgeable in the topic and understand the goals of scouting and the merit badge program.
Merit Badge Process: When a scout decides to earn a merit badge, he first obtains approval to begin from his Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster provides the scout with names of appropriate BSA merit badge counselors. The scout finds a buddy (preferably another scout) to be his partner for all meetings with the merit badge counselor to follow safe scouting guidelines. He then contacts the counselor to start working on the badge. The counselor reviews the requirements with the scout and they decide on projects and a schedule. Expertise, advice, and guidance as needed is offered by the counselor to the scout. The counselor certifies completion of requirements and the merit badge is presented at a troop meeting.
Required Merit Badges: A scout can earn merit badges as soon as he joins a troop, but merit badges are not required for advancement until Star rank. Star, Life, and Eagle ranks are reached by performing service, demonstrating responsibility, and completing merit badges. Eagle rank requires completion of at least 21 BSA merit badges.

Request New Merit Badge Topics
You can tell the Boy Scouts of America about new merit badge topics you'd like to see.
For any advancement idea, send your request to:
  Innovation Engine Team
  Boy Scouts of America
  1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
  P.O. Box 152079
  Irving, TX 75015-2079
Or, send email to:
See this page for more info.


Boy Scout Merit Badge Patches