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Boy Scout Troop 633
(Blythewood, South Carolina)
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Merit Badges

The goal of the merit badge program is to provide an avenue for lifelong hobbies and possible job interests. Although some of the merit badges are required, others are electives. Each Scout can earn merit badges in subjects that are of interest to him. This should be the start of a very exciting trail of fun, achievement, adventure, and knowledge.
YouTube video about earning a merit badge


There are four main opportunities to earn merit badges.

     1.  An individual Scout (you need a buddy) working with an approved Merit Badge Counselor
     2.  Participating in a Troop sponsored merit badge session
     3.  Participating in an annual Merit Badge Jamboree or University
     4.  Summer Camp

1. When you are ready to work on a badge, you tell the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scout Master which merit badge you want to work on and ask for a "blue card" [a three-part Merit Badge Application card used to record your completed work. At the end of the process, you will keep one part of the card, the counselor will keep one part and the troop will keep one part for our records.].

2. The Scoutmaster gives you a signed "blue card" and records the start date of your merit badge effort.
PLEASE NOTE - You cannot begin work on a merit badge until you have the signed blue card and have met with that particular Merit Badge Counselor.

3. Get a copy of the merit badge pamphlet (either borrowed from the troop library or bought from a store) and review the requirements.

4. Contact a registered merit badge counselor for that badge (either a Troop 633 counselor or a Catawba District counselor) and schedule an appointment for instruction and testing. The Troop maintains a list of Troop 633 registered counselors - see Mr. George Polovchik for the list. Many merit badges require several such sessions.

5. When the counselor is satisfied that you have finished all of the requirements, the counselor will sign your blue card, keep the Counselor Record portion of the card and give you the other two parts of the card.

If you aren't able to complete all of the requirements, the counselor will initial each completed item on the back of the blue card. This is called earning a "partial." In this case, you will keep the whole card and work to complete the remaining requirements in the future.

6. Bring the counselor approved blue card to the Scout Master for signature.

7. The scout gives both halves of the approved blue card to the Troop Committee's Advancement Chairman. The Troop Advancement Chair will log your merit badge information. At the next Court of Honor you will be presented your merit badge and your portion of the blue card for your records.

VERY IMPORTANT -- File your portion of the blue card in the binder you were given when you crossed over to Boy Scouts. The blue card is your official record of earning that merit badge.



Participating in a Troop sponsored Merit Badge sessions (group sessions)

Steps are similar to those describe in the “An individual Scout working with an approved Merit Badge Counselor” description above. The main difference is that the merit badge requirements are covered during a session scheduled on a week night or Saturday. The Merit Badge Counselor running the session will advise you of any requirements that need to complete prior to the merit badge session. There will be a sign up posted during each Troop meeting. If you are interested be sure to sign up early.


Participating in the annual Merit Badge Jamboree/University

Each year our District sponsors a one-day Merit Badge Jamboree/University. This event is held locally school. You can sign up for a two merit badge or two. There may be requirements that need to complete prior to the Merit Badge Jamboree. You will be advised of these requirements (also known as prerequisites) ahead of time. Once you complete the Jamboree, blue cards will be forwarded to your Troop for processing. If there are any requirements that were not met, you can work with a Troop counselor to complete the merit badge.

Summer Camp

Each summer the Troop schedules a Summer Camp at a BSA approved camp. As part of this Camp you can sign up and work on merit badges offered by the Camp. In most cases you can sign up for up to 6 merit badges, although trying to do this many will consume most of your time in camp, leaving little for fun activities. There may be requirements that need to complete prior to Summer Camp which you need to work on in advance (prerequisites). You will be advised of these requirements ahead of time. When you arrive for the Camp, you will be given the blue cards. Once you complete the Camp, your Scoutmaster will review the requirements completed and sign off. If there are any requirements that were not met, you receive a partial and can work with a Troop counselor to complete the merit badge after Camp.

See The Blue Card presentation below.
See links for Meirt Badge basics and Merit Badge worksheets below.

Icon File Name Comment  
Meirt Badge Blue Card.pptx Merit Badge Blue Card Presentation  
Merit Badge Counselor Application[1].pdf Merit Badge Counselor Application  

Merit Badge's currently being offered by the Troop

          Mr. Bill is working working on Radio merit badge and Mr. Kyle is working on First Aid.

Troop 633 Current Merit Badge Counselors

All scouts can go on the Indian Waters Council webpage find a MBC for any Merit badge they would like to pursue.


Troop 633 Current Merit Badge Counselors
Mr. Kyle Bennett

Mr. James Green
Ms. Jenny Mothershead
Mr. Bill Mowery

Mr. Brian Palisin
Mr. Drew Reeser
Ms. Liz White
Ms. Bethany Woronka
Ms. Dana Yow
Mr. Max Yow

American Business - Mr. Brian Palisin

Archery - Mr. James Green

Art - Ms. Dana Yow

Athletics - Mr. Brian Palisin
Automotive Maintenance - Mr. James Green / Mr. Max Yow
Backpacking - Mr.Brian Palisin / Mr. Max Yow

Bird Study - Mr. James Green
Camping - Ms. Max Yow
Chess - Mr. Bill Mowery
Citizenship in Community - Ms. Dana Yow
Citizenship in Nation - Ms. Jenny Mothershead / Ms. Dana Yow
Communications - Ms. Dana Yow

Cooking - Mr. Brian Palisin
Digital Technology - Mr. Bill Mowery
Dog Care - Ms. Liz White
Electricity - Mr. Bill Mowery
Electronics - Mr. Bill Mowery
Engineering - Mr. Max Yow
First Aid - Mr. Kyle Bennett
Fishing - Mr. Drew Reeser

Fish and Wildlife Management - Mr. James Green
Fly Fishing - Mr. Drew Reeser

Forestry - Mr. James Green
Geocaching - Mr. Drew Reeser

Geology - Mr. James Green
Graphic Arts - Ms. Dana Yow

Hiking - Mr. Brian Palisin

Home Repairs - Mr. Drew Reeser

Insect Study - Mr. James Green
Journalism - Ms. Dana Yow

Mammal Study - Mr. James Green

Metalwork - Mr. James Green
Music - Ms. Bethany Woronka

Nature - Mr. James Green

Painting - Mr. Drew Reeser

Personal Fitness - Mr. Brian Palisin

Personal Management - Mr. Brian Palisin
Pets - Mr. Drew Reeser
Photography - Mr. Max Yow

Pioneering - Mr. Bill Mowery
Programming - Mr. Bill Mowery

Plant Science - Mr. James Green
Plumbing- Mr. Drew Reeser
Public Speaking - Ms. Dana Yow
Radio – Mr. Bill Mowery

Reading - Mr. Bill Mowery / Ms. Dana Yow

Reptile and Amphibian Study - Mr. James Green

Rifle Shooting - Mr. James Green
Safety - Mr. Kyle Bennett
Scholarship - Ms. Dana Yow

Scouting Heritage - Mr. James Green

Soil and Water Conservation - Mr. James Green
Space Exploration - Mr. Max Yow