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Boy Scout Troop 633
(Blythewood, South Carolina)
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Camping Trip Tips

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campfire program planner.pdf Camp Fire Planner  
dutyroster.pdf Patrol Duty Roster  
igloo & snow cave biulding.pdf Igloo & Snow Cave Biulding  
Post-Campout-Checklist.pdf Post Campout checklist  

What to Bring on a Weekend Campout

You must wear your Class A scout shirt to and from the campsite.

A large waterproof duffel bag to put your clothes in. You can also use a camping backpack. Trash bags do not work. It is a good idea to secure your sleeping bag and duffel/pack together (minimum number of chunks)

Day pack or Small backpack (like you use at school) for your water bottle (filled), scout book, pen, raingear, and flashlight. Carry this with you in the car.

Sleeping bag (not down filled), optional pillow - needs to be in a waterproof compression sack

Sleeping pad, optional but recommended - needs to be in a waterproof sack

Flashlight with extra batteries

Garbage bag - Useful for putting dirty clothes and for keeping stuff dry in a downpour

Small roll of toilet paper, small liquid hand soap, small towel, toothbrush and toothpaste (all in a baggie)

Rain gear: a rain suit works best, with pullover pants and jacket with hood. If you buy a poncho, get a decent poncho (not the cheap $1 flimsy one-use ponchos)

Hiking shoes (waterproof recommended) or old sneakers. Bring an extra pair in case shoes get wet. Do not wear school shoes; they will get muddy or ruined.

Plastic drinking cup and eating utensils

Scout handbook


Orienteering Compass

Water purification Tablets

Fire starting kit and matches

First Aid Kit to include at least: Band Aids, Neosporin, Ace Bandage, Gauze, Sterile Pad, Mole Skin

Sunscreen (if applicable to the season) and chap stick

3 pair of socks (in addition to the ones you wear Friday night)

2 pair of pants (long or shorts depending on the weather) in addition to what you wear on Friday night

2 extra shirts (depending on the weather). If warmer weather, one of the short shirts should be your troop Class B T-shirt

3 pair underwear in addition to what you wear Friday night

Additional jacket (it can get cold at night on some campouts)

Sleeping clothes - sweatpants and shirt for cold weather, T-shirt and shorts for warm weather

Backpacking stove/fuel if applicable

$7-10 for a snack on the way to the campsite (no eating in the car) and for lunch on Sunday

All personal items should be clearly marked with the Scout's name, including clothing, socks, underwear, etc. We recommend that each day's clothing be packed in plastic bags inside the Scout's duffel bag. It is very important that each Scout pack his own gear so he knows what he has packed and where it is in his pack.

What not to bring on a Campout

Anything expensive or irreplaceable

Jewelry (a cheap waterproof watch is OK)

Radios, CD Players, TVs, Electronic Games

Scouts Knives are OK, but only keep them out when they need to be used.

Axe or other sharp cutting tools

Candy and soda

Huge flashlights (ones that use more than 2 D-cell batteries)

Sandals or open-toed shoes