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Boy Scout Troop 633
(Blythewood, South Carolina)
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Medical Forms

National BSA has rolled out a new, simplified annual health and medical record effective March 1, 2014. 

Some of the key updates are: 
  • The primary version will be English. The existing bilingual version will remain available. 
  • Part A (Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization) contains no medical information and is shorter by one page. 
  • Part B (General Information/Health History) includes only the most important information needed. 
  • Part C (Pre-Participation Physical) is reduced to one page with expanded sections for allergy explanation. 
  • Supplemental Risk Advisory (former Part D) is shortened and is location specific. This is designed to take to physicians so they will better understand what activities their patients will participate in. 

Medical Forms frequent questions (exit to

Q. Who needs to complete an Annual Health and Medical Record? 
A. For any and all Scouting activities, all participants must complete Part A and Part B.  "All participants" includes parents, guardians, siblings, youth, staff, and unit leaders. Though Part C is only required for participation in events lasting longer than 72 hours, all BSA participants are encouraged to complete this Pre-Participation Physical during an annual physical performed by a medical professional.

Q. How often will I need to renew/update my Annual Health and Medical Record?
A. The record will need to be updated at least annually, just as many schools or sporting leagues require an annual update. Many health changes can happen throughout a year, including changes in disease processes, medication, address, and insurance. 

Q. Who keeps the Annual Health and Medical Records for Troop 633?
A. The Medical Forms Committee Member maintains the Troop's Health & Medical records.  We request that 3 copies be provided to the Troop Committee to keep in each of our event binders.  A binder will remain with a committee member during each campout, a binder will deploy with the Scoutmaster on each campout, and the remaining binder will be in the possession of another trained adult leader during each campout in the event of an emergency.