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Girl Scout Troop 06230
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Troop Commitee


 A Girl Scout troop needs the support of it's parents in order to be successful. 

The Troop Committee - Important Positions


CO Leader

The first position that is recommended you should fill is that of a CO-leader. Safety Wise requires each troop to have a CO-leader. She/He not only supports you but she/he brings different ideas to the planning of the troop.
Multi-Level Troop needs (2 per level min)
  • Be registered and background checked.
  • Take all required Citrus Council trainings.
  • Attend every troop meeting or arrange for a substitution if you cannot be there.
  • Assist with planning the meetings for the year.
  • Help with troop program.
  • Attend Green Oaks Service Unit meetings in the leader's place if she is unable to be there.   


A Treasurer would keep track of all the dues, registrations, deposits, maintain the troop checking account and turn in the finance reports. Some leaders prefer to do this themselves, others like someone else to have the responsibility.
Requires 1 reports to Troop Leader
  • Be registered and background checked.
  • Be a signer on the Troop's bank account.
  • Keep record of troop debits and credits. Save receipts for all debits.
  • Complete a Finance Report for the Troop (three per year) 
  • Make deposits after each meeting and as needed during product sales 
  • Be familiar with Excel Spreadsheet

Fall  Product Chair

The Fall Product Campaign has two parts - QSP and the Nut/Chocolates. If you have enough parents in your troop it is a good idea to have a Fall Product Chair. While the Fall Product campaign is not as big as cookies it is still very time consuming.
Requires 1
  • Be registered and background checked.
  • Attend the Citrus Council or Green Oaks Fall Product training.
  • Facilitate the Fall Product training for the parents in the troop.
  • Handle all paperwork during the Fall Product campaign.
  • Enter all information into NUTE
  • Schedule booths, if needed.
  • Pick up fall product order,  divide it out by each girl's order and arrange for parental pickup
  • Distribute product.
  • Collect money from fall product and make deposits if needed.
  • Submit the final paperwork to the Service Unit Fall Product Chair    

Cookie Mom

It is HIGHLY recommended that you recruit a Cookie Mom.  The Cookie campaign is the biggest fundraiser that Girl Scouts do. It is with the money raised from selling cookies that troops get their funds to go on activities and trips that make lasting memories. It also teaches the girls skills such as goal setting, finances, planning and teamwork. It's a big job and one that would be a good idea to delegate to a parent or parents. You can have multiple Cookie Mom who do different aspects of the campaign such as orders and booths. 
Requires 1
  • Be registered and background checked.
  • Attend the Green Oaks Cookie training.
  • Facilitate the Cookie training for the parents in the troop.
  • Handle all paperwork during the Cookie campaign.
  • Enter all information into SNAP
  • Attend the Green Oaks Cookie Booth Draft and schedule girl's participation with troop cookie booths.
  • Pick up the troop's cookie order during Cookie Delivery Day, divide it out by each girl's order and arrange for parental pickup.
  • Store cookies at her home and manage orders in and out.
  • Collect and deposit money for the troop.
  • Submit the final paperwork to the Service Unit Cookie Chair.

Secretary/Records Keeper

Some leaders don't have time to take care of all the paperwork that is required in running a troop. A Secretary or Records Keeper would be a good choice then.
requires 1
  • Be background checked.
  • Be familiar with computer programs such as Excel or Word.
  • Collect and maintain all girl health forms and information sheets.
  • Complete Troop Activity Requests and parental permission slips.

Camping Mom
- Goes on camping trips, makes sure the troop permits are completed turned in and approved, coordinates the menu, makes sure we have first aider, fire marshal and all certified members needed for the camp trip. back ground check and registered.
Fire Marshall
- must have Troop Camp certification 2 back ground check and registered
Snack Chair
- Creates a sign up sheet for parents to sign up for snacks at meeting and special events. Must be back ground checked
Crafts Chair
- research and prepare a craft for each level and be able to demonstrate the activity to all levels of Girls. Must be back Ground  Checked
Transportation Chair
- Help coordinate Transportation for field trips. Must be background checked. All transportation providers must be registered and back ground checked.
Events Coordinator
- coordinates field trips and works close with Transportation Chair. Must be registered and background checked
Telephone Person
- Makes phone calls to parents as needed and is the point of contact for Trips. This person does not go on field trips and must be available during the time of the trips to make contact to parents as needed. Also must be back ground checked and registered.
Awards Ceremony Hostess
- Assist troop leaders with preparing awards for award ceremony, makes invitations to parents and coordinates with Snack Chair for refreshments. must be back ground checked and registered
Troop Shopper
- must be registered, back ground checked and coordinates with Treasure on troop need for supplies, Then makes purchases as needed.
Troop Sitter
(for those leaders who have other children that need to be watched during meetings). siblings are not covered by Girl Scout insurance so there are times when child care is needed for leaders to attend meeting and make the program a success.

Also, if a parent has a special skill or interest that she/he would like to share with the troop it is a wonderful way for him/her to enhance the troop program. Some areas would be gardening, cooking, science, dance, art, law enforcement, first aid, and/or sports.
Other Positions as Your Troop Advances
As your troop moves forward and you begin to do more than just meetings and unit events, These positions can be filled by the leader however, on a camping trip it is highly suggested that the First Aider and Troop Camper be two different people.

First Aider 

 Red Cross or AHA first aid certification Attend hikes, camping and other remote field trips were medical aid would take some time to arrive. 

Troop Camper

Must take the Outdoor Skills 1 Training for the troop to do any outdoor cooking,camp skills, indoor overnight progressions, or wilderness exploration.Must take Outdoor Skills 2 before the girls can camp in tents.